Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Organizing my Youtube channel...update

Hey Crafty friends,
          I'm back with a lot of changing going on with my YT channel. I've been getting a lot of copyright notices from my YT due to the background music that I used in the past that I honestly wasn't aware of. To make the story short I decided just to re-upload all of my handmade tutorial videos on my YT channel, so I won't totally lose all of my hard work project. Now because of this I noticed ever since I started announcing it on my YT, I'm losing subscribers but some are understanding which I'm thankful for them. But you can't please every one I guess... It doesn't mean that I won't be uploading new stuff on my YT and here on my blog. I just want to organize and clear some things while I can. Being said that I have a few new uploaded videos on my YT channel please check it out. CLICK HERE Thanks for stopping by!

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