Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hello There!

Hello Everyone,
     I just want to say hi to all of you and to let you know I'm still here :) Also, I just want to update you all on what is going on with me in these past few months.  Time is flying by so quickly for me and really been very busy aside from doing mommy duties and also busy with my etsy shop. I recently changed the name of my shop it's now called BANNERS STUDIO PLUS and I'm working on with a lot of new banners that I will be adding to my shop. So I'm excited and also been organizing my craft room which I think it will take forever, lol! It's hard to organize when you have little munchkins need you 24/7, lol! They have school now that's why I always take advantage whenever they are in school to do what I need to do in my craft room. But I'm sure you guys know that it's a no joke when you think your craft room starting to look like crap with full of stuff,  it will take a very long time to organize little things like for example embellishments, die cuts, papers, dies, stamps, you name's crazy!
     I missed sharing cards with you all and I know I've been MIA on that for a few months now. I have a lot of things that I will be sharing in the coming months because I will be busy helping my sister preparing for my niece 18th birthday in summer time. So I wanted to film it and share with you the process of creating party decorations. I'm excited and slowly we are gathering the stuff that we will be needing for the party, so watch out for that. But for now I hope you all will still stick around as soon as everything get settled I will start sharing projects again. So stay tuned...
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Jas! I've missed you :) Glad everything is going well. Can't wait to see all of your new creations!

  2. So glad you're back. I did miss your beautiful projects! Linda


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