Friday, February 1, 2013

My own version of Smash book - using Simple stories AWESOME kit

Hey Everyone,
           Ok, just incase if some of you doesn't know I have a YT channel and every now and then I'll have a tutorial (speedy video) that I share on how I created a card or any project. Also, I share some stuff like scrapbook hauls and also some finished project like this one that I'm going to share with you right now...I made my own version of Smash book/Amy Tangerine book. I love how it turned out! So easy to make all you need is a paper kit so you don't have to worry matching the paper it's already matched for you! So what I did just cut all the paper by sizes and the scrapbook kit that I used was Simple stories AWESOME collection kit. After all the cutting and putting it together I bind it with my bind it all and that's how I created this book.
        This book that I made is for my son for this year. I will make one for my daughter and for us as family as well. I will try to do this kind of smash book every year and hopefully I can keep up. I'm just going to put the highlights on what he did that stands out. It will be nice memories to keep and look back when he is older on what he did when he was young. Really easy to make and so much fun! I hope I inspire you to create one for you also good for gifts :) Have a nice weekend!
If you want to see the entire book please Click here.

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  1. Love you book. I feel the same about double sided paper - so hard to choose!!


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