Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have a FLOWER BUG going on...check it out!

Hey Everyone,

    Ok something different no handmade stuff today. I just finished cleaning up my craft area and I thought to share my haul with you for a change.  I just wanted to share these awesome haul that I have at Wild Orchid Crafts. I looove the flowers and my first time ordering flowers EVER except for the flowers that I got at Michaels. I'm really happy on how fast the shipping went, it took only a week to get my package here that's a plus! I've said before over and over that I really like making my own flowers but then I have to admit that it's also good to have already made flowers that are ready to use for a project especially like me I'm always in hurry or need to finish a project as fast as I can. So it is convenient and that's what decided me to purchased some flowers and I've been browsing the site and love their clearance sale and also the free shipping with a certain amount that they offer. So far love the service and definitley will come back again :) That's all I just wanted to share these awesome beautiful flowers that I purchased and if you want to see these flowers up close check out my video Click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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