Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Topiary Centerpiece using Spackle

Hey Everyone,

       Wow, finally my big project is done! I'm excited to share these Topiary Centerpieces that I made for my niece sweet sixteen this coming June 2012! Most of the Topiary are made with real flowers, fabric flowers, tissue paper, or paper flowers…but I made mine using spackle…yes, spackles and paper flowers. I've worked on spackles before with my cupcakes and loved it! (Watch out for that as well).  I have not seen one Topiary that made out of Spackles! I had so much fun making these, I even paint my own pots since needs to be all the same and hard to find a cheaper pot. So I decided just to buy an ordinary pot and just painted it. By the way her favorite color is purple as you can see.

       You can create this for any occasions, it’s endless for parties! Also, good for display or decorations etc... I will share step by step on how I created this beauty!

*Be aware about the warning signs using spackles before you decide to use it*
*Not intended for kids*

Some of the stuff that I used.

MFT-dienamics Rolled roses and Royal rose

Letting it dry as you can see, I've used Plaster of paris
to hold the topiary in place.


Yay, finished 21 Topiary centerpieces!

Materials I used for this project: (Note: some of these materials are not on the picture)
Flower pots
Styro foam ball
Plaster of Paris
Hot Glue
Glue gun
Tacky Glue
Pearl trim
MFT die-namics (Rolled rose and Royal rose dies)
Acrylic paint
Lace trim
Ribbon Buckles
Spanish Moss
Decorating tool (baking)
Mod Podge
Paint brush

First step: Prepare the paper flowers or any decorations that you want to put first. I used MFT Die-namics for this project.

Second step: (Flower pot you can use already decorated pots so you can just skip this)

     -       Apply Gesso all over the pot, let it dry.

     -          Then paint the pot with the desired color you want.

     -          For finishing it I used Mod Podge and mixed it with Sparkle Glaze to add sparkles.

Third step:

     -          Make a hole on the styro foam ball and then stick the dowel inside using hot glue gun.

     -          Make sure you have a place for this topiary to dry and needs to be able to stand still. Once you apply the spackle you cannot lay it flat on the surface it needs to stand still.

Forth step: (Start using spackles it takes 1-2 days to dry it depends on the location)

     -          Using tool for decorating cakes by Wilton products.

     -          You can use any tip you like to create your design.

     -          First I mixed acrylic paint and spackle together and stir it with any spatula or mixing tool you have that you don’t use.

     -          Once you mixed it now start applying it to the styro foam ball. Using the cake decorating tool.  It’s just like you’re decorating cake…it’s really fun!

     -          I hold on to the dowel while I apply the spackle and it’s easier for me to move it and have a control on how I want the spackle to look.

      -          Then while still wet adhere the paper flowers on the spackle. Then as the spackles dry the flower will stick to it.

      -          Another option: If you decided not to put any paper flowers. Once you’re done applying spackles all over the styro foam ball. Let it dry or best wait the next day to apply another spackle to add different color to make it look like a flower. Just like what I did on the other photo.

       -          Then wait for the spackles to dry completely.

Fifth step: Decorating the dowels

       -          I used Tacky Glue to adhere the ribbon to the dowel.

       -          Then added pearl trim using hot glue to make sure it won’t come off.
               (I just apply hot glue on the top and bottom of the pearl trim)

        -          Then I made some ribbons to adhere it at the bottom of the styro foam ball.

Sixth Step: Using Plaster of Paris

        -          I used Plaster of Paris to hold the topiary but before that I attach it with some styro          foam to help it to stand still then added the plaster of paris.

        -          When it dries I added the Spanish moss and added some flowers on top.

        -          To finish it off I used some lace trim around the top edge of the pot and added some ribbon buckle, half flat pearl bead and butterfly.

                              *Then your Topiary Centerpiece is done!

I hope you enjoy this project that I made and hope to see your creations. Hugs, Jas :)


  1. these are fabulous! Your niece will love them!

  2. These are just magnificent! post pictures of the party room too!

  3. O my Wow WoW WoW Gorgeous !!!
    I would get grazy rolling so much rozes ^_^"

    Hugs Sonja

  4. amazing project! very beautiful. ~Luanne

  5. hi i was wondering if you could help me i'm trying to make this centerpiece and i was wondering if you can tell me how you made the butterflies and the little flowers.

    1. Hi, I used Martha Stewart butterfly punch and for the flowers I used My Favorite Things die-namics rolled roses. Hugs, Jas

  6. I really like your idea. Can you please tell me how big the styro foam balls you were using?

  7. Hi, Happy New Year! I used 4" size. Sorry, about the late reply. xoxo Jas


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