Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tiny Cute Pillow using TGF Shimmer Bean

Hey Scrappy Friends,
             Good morning! I woke up really early today and couldn't get myself back to sleep.  So I thought of posting new stuff I created and see what you think :)

      I created something different this time that I've been wanting to do...I have this fabric called Aida fabric that you use for cross stitching. For those of you don't know, I was obssesed with cross stitching for quiet awhile like yearsssss!!! I made a ton of those either for sale for me, gift for friends and family. Now, I finally took a break from cross stitching and discovered scrapbooking which I really enjoy although I had fun doing cross stitch it's just that it takes awhile to finish one project. It depends on how fast you can stitch by hand, lol!

         Anyhoo, I have a lot of Aida fabric so I thought of using it in a different way. So I came up with this instead of stitching it I just stamped the image and for this project I used TGF Shimmer Bean I love how it turned out! Since it's a trend now to use or incorporate fabric in any project so I thought of this cute idea :)

      I sewed most of the edges and left a little hole to put some polyester it's like for stuffing the pillow. It looks like cotton but it feels different. After I'm satisfied with the plumpiness of my pillow I sewed it again to close and then fringed all the edges. Just added a flower on the side and that was all I did. Pretty easy and the outcome was stinkin' cute! Love the result!

Thank you for stopping by!
Hugs, Jas


  1. Absoulutely cute Jas.... love the idea...
    Yep I remember when I use to cross stitch too. love doing it, but it takes along time to finish up a project.. But the end results were pretty.. I use to love doing those 8 x 10 images...

  2. Very cute! Love how you think outside the box!


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