Friday, February 24, 2012

Little celebration and other stuff :)

Hey Everyone,
   I know it's been a while since I last posted in my blog. Febuary month is almost over can you believe that!? I've been  very busy momma lately... and I wanted to create something but I couldn't. One more thing I broke my Big shot two weeks ago and I was so sad :( Started with a weird squeky sound on the handle when every time I turn it and it's difficult to turn at the same time. I emailed sizzix and they responded quickly and I had to buy some parts for the machine. But guess what I did, I know that my machine is about to break I kept using it until my die got stuck inside and I couldn't get it out! So we had to disassembled the machine...waaa!!! Just to take the die out and we managed to take it out safely :) By the look of my machine I just decided to get a new one. I purchased it from Sizzix this time so I can get the 3 yr. warranty this time :) I finally received it today and can't wait to use it.

Also, I wanted to share the banner that I made for my daughter she turns 2 this month, yay! We had a little party at home and  I wanted to share the roses that I received on Valentine's day given by my sweet partner in life ;)

Note: The cake I didn't make that I ordered it @  Konditor Meister. 

I hope you enjoy my little story of the month, lol! I promise I'll be back with new stuff to share! Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Jas

1 comment:

  1. Love your banner! So sweet when they are little....enjoy it time flies!


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