Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ball Ornaments as a storage/display

Hey Everyone,
            I came across with the idea that I saw on Youtube mybutterflykisses12 and loved it! But the only thing is when I saw the video it was almost xmas time so I don’t have the time to make some Christmas ornaments. But still I went ahead to M’s to get some ornaments to use for next year. I got big ones and small flat ball ornaments. Also, I found some snow globes that you can make your own. So I grab those as well and all the xmas stuff at M’s are 70% off! What an awesome deal!  So went home happily with all the bargains that I purchased J

Then today I was organizing my felt flowers that I love to make and use for my daughter’s headbands, clips, or to sell at my etsy or as an embellishments for cards, layouts etc… I thought of the ornaments that I had recently purchased. So I took them out and began putting all the felt flowers inside. I love how it looks and so I decided to use it for storage for my embellishments instead and at the same time I can display it as well. It’s good for party favors as well if you put chocolates like kisses inside anything that has a wrapper on and as long as it will fit in and out it should be fine and not to heavy. The hanging base that I used was from Ikea I purchased few months back. It was actually for xmas decorations and I was gonna use it for that but I didn’t get a chance. But now I’m happy that it didn’t go to waste and finally be able to use it. So that’s my share for today and I hope you ladies like it!

      Here's my video if you want to check it out click: HERE

Thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Jas


  1. A clever idea Jas ~ TFS on this tip....

  2. This is one of the prettiest way's I've see to display flowers so sweet


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