Friday, November 18, 2011

3D Paper Piecing- Mrs. Claus

Hey Y'all,
    I have another tag to share with you today. It's pretty much the same technique just different color of stamped image tree. Since I already posted on how I created this tag, lets focus on the "3D Paper Piecing" that I made using the stamped Image from Kenny K. Mrs. Claus. First what I did I stamped the image on the piece of white cardstock not once but several times. This is how I will figure out on how much layering I want to put on the image. Once I did that I will now color the parts of the images that needs to show and then cut the pieces out. And then before you adhere it to the image you will need to color all the edges of the cut out pieces, to make sure no whites on the edge that will show in that way it will look more finish. Then start adhering it on the image.

      There are different ways on how you do paper piecing some they want it to pop up the cut out pieces a little bit. So it will look more "3D". It's a matter of what adhesives you want to use. But in this project, I adhered the pieces with liquid glue so it will basically look flat with a little bit of 3D shows. I will try the pop up technique next time and show you the difference.  But for now, I hope you enjoy this tag that I made. I have a video HERE to show you on how I put the pieces together. I hope you enjoy!

Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Jas


  1. That sure is one sexy gift tag.... Mrs. Claus is hot, great bg embossing, and your colours you used are awesome...
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Wow, Jas this is GORGEOUS! Your background looks amazing and Santa is one lucky guy! ;)


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