Monday, October 3, 2011

My winning giveaway from athousandsheetsofpaper, thanks Amy!

Hi everyone,
    Wow, was all I can say when I saw the inside of the package that I got from Amy. Thank you so much for a wonderful candy giveaway, Amy! I love all the stamps and papers so generous of you! I'm still in stamps and papers paradise right now,lol!  So happy and excited on which one I'm gonna use first. I must say GRAND PRIZE indeed! Also, the beautiful card that I received and was surprised to see it! Still could not believe all the goodies that I received, so awesome! It's like my birthday and Christmas combined the happines I'm feeling, lol! Alright, guys...I need to calm myself now...once again thank you so much, Amy!

 Here's a link to my Youtube channel to see what an awesome goodies I received:

Thank you for visiting. Hugs, Jas


  1. Wow Jas~ what a score! you were so lucky to get all those goodies... Can't wait to see all your creative creations......

  2. I'm so glad you are happy with your goodies! I really enjoyed watching the video and hearing your little son, it made me laugh! Thanks for sharing that with us! :)


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